Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Breatherism is catching up

Saints in Himalayas did long back time immemorial now it is time many are initiated or driven by initiation


There is hardly anyone who is going to believe that life can exist without taking any type of food which in return will generate energy, supplement with nutrients to support human living in all forms

But Breatherism has dispelled the notion that life exist without taking food, water, and while so far it was learnt in olden texts and stories that saints in Himalayas on the meditation lived without food or water, the same belief now is proved by a section of Breatherism or Breatherist

The number of members who are being part of Breatherism is growing world wide, the number of people who are part of Breatherism is around 40,000 world wide and they are influenced by mystic saints like Prahlad Yani of India, now in US.

4th Estate which got in contact with Jasmuheen Australian by birth now going round the world who is now in the city as part of attending 4th International Spiritual Congress one of the person very much influenced by Breatherism and been living on air, sun light

And “sources of energy surrounding a person living space” says “Though it is equated with spirituality, but it is higher than that for centuries saints and monks were initiated into it and it is moreover an Indian in essence”

Narrating about the Breaterism and how she was influenced “ it is more to do with deep meditation, it is not easy for every other person, it is deep down spirituality and meditation at highest level”

“Worldliness has not taught anything, but spirituality has certainly taught us, I was born in 1957 from the age of 16 years I have experimented, been part of Breatherism and gurus like Mahatma Pada and Mahatma Guru Charanand who were touring in US where I stayed with my mother very much influenced by both of us”

“The Breatherism scientific basis is not there, answer has to be found within spirituality, to equate one religion against spiritualism is also completely based wrong, spiritualism.

On oriental culture and occidental culture growth so far Jasmuhen said “ probably yes Breatherism is oriental contribution, but now Occidetnal people are catching up or cashing out of it more.

“Religion is certainly factor for materialistic society and its conflict that is happening and you are seeing in this society.

“Seek divine essence which is resting in atma soul, by Breatherism you are not taxing the society or mother earth with bountiful of resources, which some day may be depleted but why?”

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